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This Week’s Top 3 Science News (7/3 to 14/3)

Bionic Fingers

A study published this week in eLife described how amputees are soon going to be able to feel the world around them.  In this proof-of-concept study, an amputee was surgically implanted with an electrode array that provided an interface between a prosthetic finger and the nervous system.  This allowed the participant to touch and feel different surfaces – and could actually discriminate between them more successfully that intact volunteers using a temporary version of the electrode array. Continue reading “This Week’s Top 3 Science News (7/3 to 14/3)”

This Week’s Top 3 Science News (29/2 to 7/3)

The 50,000 year old chemists!

If you thought Neanderthals were simple cave men, you may have to think again. It has been known for a long time that Neanderthals used fire, but there has been highly debated as to whether they took advantage of naturally occurring fire or whether they knew how to make it themselves from scratch. Continue reading “This Week’s Top 3 Science News (29/2 to 7/3)”

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