There are many opportunities to engage and interact with science, the PhD students and the blog. Here are just a few suggestions on how you can get involved too:

Write a blog post
Write about your PhD subject, a part of science that fascinates you or join one of our established series such as “A day in the Life of…”

– Write up a journal club
Provide an account of a captivating journal club you may have participated in recently.

– Video a lab demonstration
Talk an audience through a certain lab technique or explain the concepts behind it.

– Comment and share blog posts
Comment and share blog posts to create discussions on topics.

– Document your experience of a conference 
Lucky enough to go on an exciting conference, learnt something new too? Tell us about it!

– Interview a prominent scientist
Did your department host a lecture, why not interview the scientist to broaden the reach of the science.

These are just a few suggestions to tickle your taste buds, don’t be shy and join in!