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Bitop aerosolises an ancient bacterial molecule to protect us from pollution

Here’s a link to the paper under discussion1:

Pollution in our cities is a big problem. Cycling to work every morning through central London exposes me to a broad range of tiny carcinogenic particles. Google maps now labels high pollution areas for the conscientious cyclist to avoid, but sometimes this is impossible, and it is arguable how much distance you actually need to be away from a problem area for this to be effective.

Most face masks designed to protect the wearer from airborne particles have filters that are too large to be effective – most of the harmful stuff is pretty tiny. There is a notable exception in ‘totobobo’ masks, which provide OK protection. Warning – these do not look trendy, and they make it pretty hard to, um, breathe.

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How could “Brexit” effect UK Science?

On the 23rd of June those of us who can will vote on whether we believe Britain should remain a part of the EU. This decision could result in implications for most facets of British society, and one that shouldn’t be made on a single issue. However, recently many leading scientific figures have publicly expressed their concern (or lack of, in a few cases) regarding the potential impact on science. Continue reading “How could “Brexit” effect UK Science?”

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