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Through the looking glass – the science and art of mirror symmetry

Written by: Veronica Ilkow & Mateen Wagiet


Thursday, 8th February saw the Arcade at Bush House come alive, where a gathering of student structural biologists and crystallographers, under the guidance of Prof Brian Sutton (from the Asthma & Allergy Sub-group within the Randall Centre), to build the world’s first and largest non-periodic tiled pattern one tile at a time.

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A gathering of Darwinians

Written by Mateen Wagiet (2nd Yr. PhD Darwin Trust Scholar)


Figure 1: Skyline of the Great City of Edinburgh.


Founded in 1983 by Sir Kenneth ‘Ken’ Murray FRS FRSE FRCPAth (1930 – 2013) with the purpose of: “promoting education and research in Natural Sciences and in particular Molecular Biology”. The Darwin Trust of Edinburgh was established to support students from outside the UK who wish to study towards a PhD in the UK. Since 2015, the Randall Centre has been the home at KCL offering Darwin Trust studentships for postgraduates from Africa.

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Crisps, CRISPR and the CRISPR-er

CRISPR_blog pic


Dr. Jennifer Doudna, one of the leading figures to propose the use of the adaptive bacterial immune mechanism-CRISPR/cas9 for targeted gene editing [1], was invited to King’s College London to deliver a lecture as part of the King’s International Lecture series. Continue reading “Crisps, CRISPR and the CRISPR-er”

Forbidden Symmetry at the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition

On Sunday the 9th July X-ray crystallographers from the Asthma and Allergy group in the Randall department gathered alongside artist Dr Shelley James to present an exciting exhibition at the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition. This family-friendly event introduced children and adults alike to the fundamentals of symmetry and ‘forbidden symmetry’. Symmetry operators form the basis of crystallography and were explained using colourful tiles which members of the public arranged in patterns as seen below.


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SPECIAL BROADCAST: Single Cell Biophysics meeting in Taipei

This week, me and a couple of others blogged for the biophysical society from the Single Cell Biophysics meeting in Taipei. Here’s a run down, with links to the blogs:

The first section was about imaging techniques, including structured illumination from Suliana Manley in bacteria, and full automation of super resolution/single molecule microscopy from Masahiro Ueda. Read all about it!

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Randall’s Career’s Day

For the second year running, the annual Randall retreat started with a careers day aimed at PhD’s and postdocs. There was a wide variety of talks including insights into consulting, teaching, startups and entrepreneurship.

Consulting (Oliver Wyman and Deloitte)

Thinking about leaving academia? How about a career in consulting? Elinor, Nacho and Abinav explained what it entails:

  • Consulting involves providing expert advice to a wide variety of clients
  • Benefits: Flexible career paths, collaborative environment
  • Skills required: data handling and problem solving, confident with presenting

Entrpreneurship (Andrei Luchici)

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The Francis Crick Institute opened this week

The Francis Crick Institute opened this week. With an estimated construction budget of £700 million (£40 million from King’s College London) and an annual projected budget of £130 million. It is a site to see coming out of King’s Cross station. I had the good fortune of accompanying my supervisor to the Crick to visit their Magnetic Resonance Facility in the depths of the 4th basement floor.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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John’s Retirement Party and the Randall Summer Party

IMG_1090On Wednesday 20th July we celebrated our annual Randall summer party down by the memorial arch. The weather was great for 2nd year running, however, there was also a tinge of sadness in the air it was also a time to say goodbye to John Stupple, our autoclave technician. Continue reading “John’s Retirement Party and the Randall Summer Party”

Lunch with Dr Susan Gasser

SusanM..GasserOn 28 October 2015, we had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Susan Gasser at the Randall. She is director of the Friedrich Miescher Institute in Basel, a world-renowned biomedical research institute associated to the University of Basel. She has a long and highly successful track record in studying the nuclear organization and its impact on various phenomena such as DNA repair. A group of students and post-docs had the privilege to exchange views on scientific research and aspects related to it with her over lunch at a Turkish restaurant. Continue reading “Lunch with Dr Susan Gasser”

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