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SPECIAL BROADCAST: Single Cell Biophysics meeting in Taipei

This week, me and a couple of others blogged for the biophysical society from the Single Cell Biophysics meeting in Taipei. Here’s a run down, with links to the blogs:

The first section was about imaging techniques, including structured illumination from Suliana Manley in bacteria, and full automation of super resolution/single molecule microscopy from Masahiro Ueda. Read all about it!

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PhD life: Thoughts on a Brazilian School

The following account is written by Anna Laddach and describes her experience at the Advanced School on Biomolecular Simulation: Rosette from Fundamental Principles to Tutorials in Brasil.

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High impact research at 8000ft

On a Sunday evening in June I arrived to a purple sky over snow-capped mountains in stunning Snowmass village, Colorado, to attend the FASEB conference on ‘Cell signalling in cancer: From mechanisms to therapy’. As a 2nd year PhD student in the Randall Division at King’s College London studying the endocytosis and trafficking of EGFR directed antibody drug conjugates in lung cancer I was enthusiastic to hear the latest from the leaders in the field.

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