Hi! My name is Marius and I just started my third PhD year. I am a joint Crick-KCL student and spend my time between two institutions, the Crick and Randall. At Crick, I am a part of Katrin Rittinger’s group where I study ubiquitin E3 ligases using experimental techniques, while at Randall, in Franca Fraternali’s lab, I perform computational simulations to gain atomistic insight into dynamical properties of E3 ligases. The overall aim of my project is to combine experiments and simulations to understand the dynamic properties of E3 ligases. So how does this look on a day to day basis? This was my Friday.

By Marius Kausas


This is our lab at Guy’s. If you haven’t met me, I am the guy with a blue arrow pointing at his head. Come and say hi at 3.12!

7:30 Today, I decided to sleep in for an extra 30 minutes as I knew that the day is gonna be a rather long one…

8:45 As I live on the Piccadilly line, it is usually rather packed in the morning, so sometimes I try to sneak in after the rush.

(Left) My way to the Bounds Green tube station, through a Myddleton Road bridge,  where you can get a lovely cup of coffee from an award-winning local brewery. (Right) Bounds Green tube station from inside. Thankfully, Friday mornings are the least hectic moments of my daily commute.

9:30 Arrival at the Crick at King’s Cross. Today I have a few things to do, but the most important one – to give a Thesis Committee meeting. So let’s get going!



I get my green tea from a chinese supermarket in Chinatown, Piccadilly Circus.


9:45 I start my day with a litre of green tea that I brew in a coffee pot. I have repurposed cafetière for my daily tea drinking ritual. Simple, quick and easy to clean!





London offers plenty of interesting and exciting conferences in computational sciences. Do take your time and visit them!


10:30 As part of being a PhD student, I need to get our more and present my work at various scientific conferences. Today, I have a deadline for submitting a poster abstract to a MGMS Young Modellers’ Forum that will take place in November at Greenwich University. Whilst submitting to MGMS, I remembered that I am attending a QSB workshop organized by my lovely lab-mates Irene Marzuoli and Joseph Ng Chifung. They are always up for a chat in 3.12! I hope they share my feelings 😀




13:00 After a hearty lunch, I sat down and started to prepare for an upcoming Thesis Committee. To revise and think of what should be said. And yes, I made the slides beforehand, as I am not that daredevil to leave everything for the last minute. Though sometimes, I fancy an idea of it.

Amazing, isn’t it? >.>



Heavy, dusted and rarely opened (a pity!), but nevertheless, reading a story about Albert Szent-Györgyi, a Romanian-Hungarian scientist, Nobel prize winner, Hungarian resistance fighter and undercover spy, is somewhat refreshing and uplifting. These essays remind me that one can do more and better for the well-being of others.

16:00 Sooo, after getting grilled during a Thesis Committee meeting, which was challenging, but exciting, I had another meeting with Katrin to discuss future experimental plans. After finishing with various meetings and having my mind set on the upcoming weekend, I took a tea break and went to read a book. I managed to get my hands on an exciting read, titled as “The Excitement and Fascination of Science”. The book contains multiple autobiographical and philosophical essays written by the great scientific minds of the 20th century. A highly suggested read!



17:30 Just before leaving, I quickly check if my simulations are well and running. As looking after cells, computer simulations need to be inspected once in a while during a production run. Time computation is rather expensive and you don’t want to wait a week before another set is finished.

I am running a set of molecular dynamics simulations and so far nothing has crashed!

18:00 A day before, I discovered a business related event at UCL, run by student-led society. Instead of going to my usual dancing class, I made a decision to go for an event, titled “Consulting 101”. The event was extremely busy with a large turn-out, especially the undergraduates. I was positively surprised that undergraduates were keen on learning various aspects of the consulting industry and knew already so much.

Types of consulting as explained during Consulting 101.
Exit for my Friday : )



21:00 The event was long and I finally reached home. This time I decided to take a train (an awesome feature for your neighbourhood when Picadilly line is on strike .. -___-)




That’s all folks! I hope I haven’t bored you all too much 😛