Hey guys, I’m Yonis and I’m a second/third year PhD student in Maddy Parsons’ group. Our group looks at cell adhesion, migration and cytoskeletal dynamics in epithelial tissues and cancerous cells. My project is about investigating a role of a new gene in inherited skin blistering. This is what my usual Friday looks like!

By Yonis Bare

7:00 AM: It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! I get up to my annoying alarm and prepare for the day ahead.


The most accurate representation of what the world appears on a Friday morning before coffee
Well, it wouldn’t be fun if everything worked on the first try! Or would it…? 

 8:00 AM: Get to the tube station – praying that the rush hour human traffic hasn’t begun. I live out in Zone 5 so my commute into the lab takes between 40 mins – 1 hour. Luckily for me, I have my favourite playlist downloaded for offline use 😉



9:00 AM: Arrive to Guy’s Campus in one piece! I vaguely remember that I have some bacteria plates growing from yesterday and also need to finish some data analysis before my meeting with my supervisor. Better grab some coffee to wake me up



9:30 AM: Check my plates and unfortunately my plates have no colonies! 😦 Looks like we’re going to have to do this experiment again. I am trying to construct a plasmid with my protein of interest with a ‘myc’ tag. A ‘myc’ tag is a small protein label which can be identified using a specific anti-myc antibody. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use this plasmid to identify any binding partners to my protein of interest.

10:00 AM: Alright, time to get cracking on with this data quantification and prepare a small presentation to show my supervisor the things I’ve been up to this week.


Taking care of my babies!

11:30 AM: I have my meeting with my supervisor every Friday at this time. This works best for me as it gives me a mini-deadline every week to work towards and also allows me to speak regularly about any progress.

12:00 PM: Time for tissue culture – I need to split my cells so that they can survive the weekend and be ready to set up experiments on Monday.

2:00 PM: Time to take care of my lab jobs for the week. I’m responsible for filling up the liquid nitrogen tanks so I get my safety gear on and get to it.


Sporting the full mad scientist outfit!

2:30 PM: Final bits of data quantification for the week and also book microscope time/plan experiments for the upcoming week.

4:00 PM: Leave the lab and head to the gym! I spent a lot of time sitting down at my desk doing computer stuff so I feel like I need to move.

6:00 PM: Head home to enjoy the weekend 🙂