6:45 am

Alarm goes off. Snooze. Snooze again…and so forth for the next half hour. (Could go on for longer, but I know it’s my day in life today, so I’m trying to behave here).

7:15 am

Out of bed, I start with my yoga morning routine. This helps me wake up smoothly. Cook breakfast – today is coconut porridge and some fruits, yummy! Get ready to go and on my way to work.

9:15 am


Arrive at work, get the extra energy boost from my favourite ginger tea, and on my way to “TC”. This stands for Tissue Culture, and refers to how cells are commonly fed and grown (i.e. Cultured). Once I have made sure my cells have everything to be happy for the next 3 days, it’s time to check whether my cloning is working.

10:00 am

HAPPY DAYS, my cloning worked!


Very often when you study a particular protein, it is very useful to engineer mutations in the protein that will alter its structure and then study its behaviour. There is obviously more to it, but I feel that this is something to be developed in another article. I have tricked my cells the day to express the DNA with the mutated proteins, and hooray they are expressing my protein well. How do I know? The protein is attached to a fluorescent probe, so when looking down the microscope fluorescent signal = protein expressing – the arrows show an example of a cell expressing the protein for each condition. Go on, close your eyes and do the shimmy with me!

11:00 am

Let’s carry on with optics alignment and a bit of engineering work.

For my project I study a specific protein in the context of the cell. To do this, we use hard core microscope to image our cells. This requires the laser’s light to be PERFECTLY aligned before it makes its way to the sample.

Dust particles accumulated on the optics would lead to all sorts of interferences with the light, and we don’t want that. That’s why we’re building a solid enclosure for the light path.

12:30 am lunch

Time for a break with my Randall buddies, plus the weather is finally greeting us with some summer vibes so let’s enjoy our lunch outside!

1:30 pm back to work

Time’s up, need to go back to my alignment work!

2:30 pm

Every week we’ve got group meetings where we update each other with the progress that has been made and the current issues, if any. So I need to analyse a few images and put slides together beforehand.


3:30 pm

The slides are ready to go, so we can go for a short break before the meeting.

4:00 pm

The long awaited group meeting

6:30 pm

After finalising a few things, I’m heading off to the gym. Go on you know this is going to be tough but you also know that you are going to feel so great afterwards!


8:30 pm

Back home, fresh as a daisy, time to chill, watch a series, have diner, do some yoga stretches with the sunset.

11:00 pm

Feeling all relaxed to go to bed, ready for tomorrow to start.


Written by: Camille Perrin