Day in Life of a Scientist on Conference

During May I attended the Biointeractomics FEBS-IUBMB Workshop in Seville, Spain.  The conference covered a range of subjects all focusing on how proteins bump into each other and which of these interactions go-one to form a more meaningful bond. Biology, informatics and engineering all meet in both cutting-edge computational and experimental approaches to embrace the multi-disciplinary approach theme of the workshop.

7:20 Wake up in splendid Seville – just the place to satisfy your wanderlust (even if just momentarily!) I made sure to stay over the weekend after the conference just to see the city sights to avoid having to miss any talks.

9:00 Lectures start with fascinating talks about “Seeing the Invisible” with NMR, to role of the famous tumor suppressor protein p53 in stem cells and large-scale data processing of all a patient’s metabolites in health and disease.

13:00 A Spanish lunch. The dining room is located next to these monuments of Expo 92. For lunch we try delicious Gazpacho, croquettes and a traditional desert of flan pudding.


15:00 Poster Session – this is a great opportunity to question other PhD students about their work in detail. It’s also a time for me to explain my work to interested scientists. Here I am standing next to my award-wining poster.


16:30 Short Talks. These differ to the previous lectures by only being between 10 -20 mins in length and are presented by PhD students and early-career researchers.


19:30 A talk by Nobel Prize winner Robert Huber. It is always an honor to listen to talk given by such an esteemed scientist, especially by Prof. Huber who has led such a note-worthy career and with exemplary scientific findings. He also shares his experience of translating his research into industry for medicinal therapeutics.


22:00 Tapas and drinks! Conference days can be very long but the tasty tapas and drinks make them easier to bear! I don’t stay too late because tomorrow is another busy day of lectures, discussions and seminars.


Written by: Veronica Ilkow