My name is Roksana, I’m a 2nd year PhD student working on cardiac muscle proteins. My work is approximately 50% lab and 50% computer-based. My hobbies include playing the violin/viola and circus training….! Here’s a summary of my day:

8:00            Alarm rings­, hit snooze at least 3 times!

8:30            Ok it’s time to get up

8:30-9            Do my 30 minutes of flexibility exercises… although I’m still useless at the splits!

10:00             Leave house, get on the tube – luckily you can get a seat outside the morning rush hour

10:40            sneak into the office (realise I’m the last in-hoping my supervisor doesn’t see me come in at this ungodly hour!)

11:00 Sit down at computer, check any new emails – they vary from 1 to about 15 on Monday mornings!

11:15 Ok time to do some work now, what was it I did yesterday…ah yes crystallography! I struggle with various computer programs trying to solve my crystal structure


13:00            Time for lunch! Go for free lunch if it’s Monday, or enjoy yesterday’s dinner from home, al-desko (boring I know) unless it’s sunny!

14:00            Now time for some lab-work, sporting my funky orange gloves :D!

Here I’m preparing samples for a technique called SDS-PAGE which separates proteins according to their size.

15:00            Back to my overcrowded office desk, check out my amazing background! (I have an annual pass to The Shard!)


16:00            Struggle some more with crystallographic programs, time for my “office-made” coffee. Yep, I’ve even got a milk frother!


18:00            Time to go! I have to leave early today to go to a rehearsal. Spend about 10 minutes outside the barriers at LB station – I hate travelling at rush hour!

18:30            I arrive just on time for rehearsal in preparation for tomorrow’s concert

21:30            Rehearsal was great but now I’m exhausted! Get on the tube and wiz back home to catch some zzz’s


A few days later…


Beaming post-concert with fellow PhD student Veronica


Written by: Roksana Nikoopour