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8.00 am – Alarm goes off *violently hit snooze several times*

8.30 am – Wake up! Consider snoozing for a bit longer but the moment has sadly gone.



9.30 am – Get to work! Time for breakfast and my favourite part of the day – coffee! While I do that I catch up on my email, news and get an idea of what my day is going to look like. We are really lucky and have separate lab and office space so we can eat whenever we want!

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10.00 am – Get to the lab! While I get on with my other work I am going to wash and probe my Western Blot membranes with a secondary antibody. I left them in primary antibody overnight in the “cold room”, basically a walk-in fridge where we keep all our important temperature-sensitive stuff.

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10.15 am – I have some tissue culture to do. Tissue culture is actually one of my favourite things and quite therapeutic! We mainly work with melanoma cells, which are quite tricky to work with. Today I am seeding cells for a new experiment, which means I have to count them and then put them in the right size container to use tomorrow.


11.30 am – All morning lab work is done, which means it’s time to work on my thesis! If only I could understand what I wrote yesterday…


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 12.00 pm – On second thought, I am heading over to the gym! We have an on-site gym at Guy’s Campus which is super convenient! Plus it’s not procrastination if it’s good for you, right?






1.30 pm – Lunch time! I’m starving after working out. While I’m eating I’m going to start back on my thesis: everything seems easier now I’ve gotten all the frustration out of my system.

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2.30 pm – Heavens, my Western Blot! I sprint to the lab and quickly develop it. I then add my X-ray film to the pile of other Western Blots I need to file properly. That’s one for another day!



3.15 pm – Back on the thesis! I get a bit of momentum going and manage to power through my afternoon need for a coffee.

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4.20 pm – Who am I kidding? Quick cup of coffee and back to work.

6.30 pm – Back to the lab! I have to start some cell treatments for tomorrow’s experiments and re-blot some of the Western Blot membranes I used today with a different primary antibody.

7.30 pm – After a bit more writing, I’m done! At least I think this is enough. Isn’t it? Maybe it isn’t. AAAH!

8.00 pm – Get home. Risotto time! And I have some very serious Netflix to catch up on!

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Written by: Gaia Cantelli